At 26 Grains we source the best of the best foods from the areas where they grow best.

Grains are best suited to wet, muggy climates, as we often find here in the UK and Europe, and this is where the large proportion of our grains come from. Some of our more exotic grains, such as Quinoa, come from South American and Asia. Our flaked grains are all hand rolled in our kitchen, to ensure they haven't been tampered with, extruded or over processed. 

Our dried fruits and nuts are again sourced from the areas where they are best produced e.g. Turkish Dates = the bomb.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are better and more delicious the less they've had to travel. This is why 26 Grains sources as much of it's fresh fruit and veg from local producers. Each season will bring with it it's own range of fresh produce and 26 Grains dishes will vary depending on the seasons' treats.

We use a delicious selection of cheeeeessseeeesss from all over Europe.