We are so excited to be a part of the upcoming Grain and Knot spoon carving workshop taking place at Hatch Homerton on the weekend of the 29th & 30th November. To book your tickets go to www.grainandknot.com/shop/.


We were asked by our wonderful friends at Orillo to come and do a talk in their amazing tent as a part of the Mind Share Huddle event. We chose to speak about how to make your ordinary food extraordinary and looked out how we might be able to prepare our foods to get the most from them and what food synergies could enhance some foods' antioxidant properties. Such a great event with a number of wonderful speakers on food, tech and more.


For the month of November the beautiful Hatch Homerton (8 Mackintosh Lane, Homerton, E9 6AB) will be home to 26 Grains! We'll be serving sweet and savoury porridges from 8-14.30 Monday-Saturday. We're excited to be working alongside some super people: HatchStrop and Blade and Roasted Gallery so get yourself out East for a bowl of porridge and much much more.


At 26 Grains we are big believers of educating young people about wellbeing. On Thursday 6th November we will be camping at India Quay with Centre Pointto raise awareness of homelessness among young people and raise funds to support them. We're so excited to be involved and will be cooking everyone taking part porridge the following morning.

Centre Point Sleep Out with 26 Grains


We are delighted to announce Yoga Breakfasts with Deliciously Ella. The first of these will be held at Evolve Wellness Centre on November 6th and 13th. The morning will be spent sipping on CocoFace Coconuts, munching on Deliciously Ella energy bites, taking part in a challenging yoga class and end with a breakfast brunch by 26 Grains. Tickets can be found on www.deliciouslyella.com.

26 Grains and Deliciously Ella Yoga Brunch


From the Monday 20th October 7.30am - 11.30am we're going to be at Frame Shoreditch serving our grains, the perfect post practice pot of porridge. That is some serious alliteration. 

We'll be at the studio on Tuesday 14th October giving out samples so remember book you morning classes for then.

Check out Frame's blog post about 26 Grains here

26 Grains Old Street Station 7/14


Fyodor would be rolling in his grave to know the title of his pre-eminent novel would be used to chronicle the adventures (and mis-adventures) of our humble grains. But as the first dawn broke at Old Street Station, we raised that porridge pot to you.


Set Up, July 6th 2014

Catastrophe as the bar doesn't fit in the storage unit. Our solution - embrace the bar's bustiness and make make it even bigger. Cue wings addition to main bar. 

Song of the week

Solange Knowles - Losing You

All neighbouring stalls and shops now hate 26 Grains having heard this song 6 times in one day...only 20 more times until we're satisfied

People who may or may not have passed the stall:

Michelle Obama

That would have been cool.

Visitor of the Week:

Tada and Toy 


These two beautiful ladies are launching their jewellery brand in September. We spotted them this afternoon at the stall tucking in to a 26 Grains Beetroot Risotto before they headed off to a very important meeting. 

And finally:

A-Z Grains - 26 Grains

A - maranth
B - arley
C - orn
D - urum Wheat
E - mmer
F - reekah
G - rain
H - ouse of Grain
I - nsane in the memgrain
J - umbo Oat
K - amut
M - illet
N - 
O - at
P - orridge
Q - uinoa
R - ice
S - pelt
T - eff
U - grain Bolt
W - heat
X - grain

A free porridge for those who can fill in the gaps.


The week started with a bang, with 26 Grains featuring on the ITV 6pm and 10pm news.

Media News:

A grand total of 3 "spotted on the tele" comments. Porridge has gone viral.

People who may or may not have passed the stall:

Paul Weller

We will never know. A suspiciously similar looking man ordered an Apple, Dulce De Leche and Almond porridge from us. Was this Paul? Is porridge the key to his success? Who else could possibly pull off that hair cut?

Song of the week:

Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance with You

Because we served Paul Weller (or was it?) porridge while this song was playing.

Visitor of the week:

Georgina Conroy: birthday girl, newly hired, 26 Grains nut.

The London heatwave begins

After a week of bleak mornings and freezing hands the Heatwave has arrived, and we came prepared. Today's special: Blended Frozen Banana, Cardamom Granola and Strawberries.

Comment of the week:

"So the Blended Frozen Banana, is it cold?"

And finally:

The difference between how men and women browse, as observed by Notes from the Underground. Men: enjoy getting there faces up in the stall checking out what's going on. Women: spy from a distance.


Commuters, children and fitness fanatics alike have found solace in 26 Grains' humble spot at Old Street Station.

Commuters, drawn by the warming smells of cinnamon, cardamom and fresh berries as they climb the escalators from the tube.

Children stunned by the transformation of wholegrain Oat Groats to flattened Jumbo Oats, then soaked in a variety of Water, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Vanilla to become a gloopy delicious and wholesome pot.

Fitness Fanatics looking for that post work out pick me up following their much earned good carb, good protein wonder bowl. 

Song of the week:

Chic - Everybody Dance (duh, duh da da, clap your hands)

This song prompted a passer by in rush hour to clap his hands and as we cheered he responsed with a cool thumbs up. 

People who may or may not have passed the stall:

Nigella Lawson, she is a porridge fan after all.

Visitor of the week:

Deliciously Ella - Wonderful Ella came by the stall to visit us following one of her super cooking classes she hosts close by. If you haven't already, check out her beautiful recipes at www.deliciouslyella.com 

Comment of the week:

Could you play that song again, I need to Shazam it. 

We were playing Will Smith - Switch. Naughties babies.

And finally:

Open air railings to tube station do not protect tropical thundering rain. Not even a little bit.  



1. Vanilla Almond Milk Oat Porridge topped with Blackberry & Rosemary Compote and Almond Butter
2. Oat and Chia Bircher soaked in Coconut Milk, finished with fresh Blueberries, roasted Coconut Flakes and Coconut Yoghurt
3. Quinoa, Butternut Squash and Spinach with a Poached Egg and Pesto

To Drink
Iced Black Coffee
Iced Coffee w/ Vanilla Almond Milk
Iced Green Tea w/ Lemon and the option of Chia seeds

A wonderful way to start Sunday.