1 neal's yard


MON - FRI 8 - 16

SAT 9 - 16, SUN 10 - 16 

Kitchen closes daily at 3pm 





Rhubarb, Cardamom Yoghurt, Almonds
Almond milk oats, rhubarb compote, cardamom honey greek yoghurt, almonds

Banana, Tahini, Cacao
Almond milk oats, banana, tahini, honey, sesame, milk, cacao nibs

Nordic Pear
Almond milk spiced oats, pear, cacao crumbles, seeds, greek yoghurt, maple

Hazelnut and Butter
Almond milk oats, butter, coconut palm sugar, apple, hazelnuts

Extra toppings: Coconut Yoghurt, House Made Almond Butter


Cold Bowls

Berry Bircher Muesli
Almond milk soaked oats & chia seeds, berry smoothie, banana, buckwheat, seed & honey granola

On Toast

Pear, Ginger, Thyme Toast
Sourdough, soft cheese, pear and ginger jam, pear, lemon thyme

Lille Bakery X 26 Grains Collaboration: Beetroot Hummus, Whipped Ricotta, Gold Beets, on Sourdough
Sourdough, beetroot hummus, whipped ricotta gold beets, lemon thyme.

Avocado on Sourdough Rye
Dukkah, chives, avocado, sourdough



Mushrooms, Salsa Verde, Egg
Mushrooms, salsa verde, parmesan, egg, sourdough

Flatbread, Halloumi, Pickle
Garlic yoghurt, golden beetroot, dukkah, lettuce

Radicchio, Mozzarella, Walnut
Radicchio, watercress, mozzarella, pickled fennel, grapefruit, parsnip crips, walnuts

Yellow Daal
Yellow daal, garlic yoghurt, aubergine pickle, roast cauliflower, dukkah, coriander


Avocado / Halloumi / Fried Egg


Weekend Special


Mushrooms, Salsa Verde, Egg
Mushrooms, Cornish greens, salsa verde, parmesan, egg, sourdough


Avocado / Halloumi / Fried Egg / HG Walter Prosciutto



Banana Bread

Honey Dukkah Loaf

Salted Rye Brownie

A selection of Little Bread Pedlar Pastries


Assembly Espresso Coffee

Good and Proper Loose Leaf Tea

Fresh Mint / Ginger Tea

Matcha / Turmeric Latte

Cacao Hot Chocolate


Seasonal Soda

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice